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Spotter v1.2 Release Notes

Posted on Wednesday, December 02, 2015

v1.2 Android & iPad

App Enhancements

Search / History


A Spotter app user is now able to search for past inspections from any device. Searches can be performed by Inspection name, template name and/or the first 2 global fields. The user may also download a previous inspection to the device. This also allows users to free up space on the device by removing old inspections from it, and later download one or more again if needed. The most recent 50 inspections will be stored on the device by default.

Signature Capture

Signatures can now be captured in the Spotter app. A new Question Type labeled "Signature Line" in now available for this. The Administrator, when adding the field, can label it via the "Question Text" and the "Answer" will be the Signature Capture. The signature line will be added to the Template in the specified category and sort order with the label it has been given. The Signature may be taken with a finger or stylus and will be stored and available for Review & Reporting along with the date and time the form was submitted. The form may be signed by another party (not taking the form). A text field for the typed name could be created as the next question in the form.

GPS Location


This is a new Question/Answer type that will provide a button on screen allowing the inspector to capture their current GPS location. Location Services must be enabled on the device for this to work. Lat, Lon, Altitude and Accuracy will be captured. Lat/Lon and Altitude will be displayed on the tablet and the user can click a map icon to access the location on their tablet’s map app. Lat/Lon, Altitude and Accuracy will be displayed in Review & Reports. Review will also link to an interactive map with pin. The display can be configured to show meters or feet.

Time Selector

The Date/Time Answer Type has become more versatile. It may be configured for any of the following inputs:

    • Date only (time will default to current time)

    • Time only (date will default to current date)

    • Date & Time

The "Time Only" option will be useful as a time clock for inspectors/employees or to record the start and end time for an event or process. Date & Time will be stored in all cases and available for review and reporting. The Time will be represented in the time zone of the Inspector as they fill out the inspection.

Copy Completed Inspection

Inspectors can now select and copy a completed inspection from the tablet. The new copy will be pre-filled with the previous inspection answers for reference or verification. To copy, tap and hold the completed inspection name in the list and a menu will appear with the copy option. This feature is typically used to either update a recent inspection to reflect repairs or compare the previous year’s inspection of an asset to current condition. Administrators can turn this feature on or off per template and may choose to require the Inspector to acknowledge each answer or not.



The Dashboard, or Home Screen, for the app has been updated to a more user-friendly design. For instance, the first 2 global fields are now displayed with the Inspection name in the list. New icons have been added to show inspections that are downloaded to the tablet vs. those that are not. New loading indicators appear while inspections are downloading. More user-friendly dates were added to the Inspections list. There are also new refresh icons for the Template and Inspection lists.


Forgot / Reset Password

A tablet user may now reset his or her password from the login screen. An email will be sent with reset instructions.

Admin Enhancements

Photo and Video Compression

Photos and Videos can now be compressed for faster transmission. We can set your photo and video quality to Medium, High or Original, depending on your needs. Defaults are set to Medium. We can adjust this for you if you find that you need higher quality photos or videos.

GPS Tracking

Spotter can now collect GPS coordinates at the beginning and end of each inspection as well as when each question is answered. Go to Admin / Configuration to turn this on. Location Services must be enabled on the tablets for this to work. Envoc can customize reports or dashboards with these locations / routes if desired.

Reporting Enhancements

Photos added to Reports

Actual photos from the inspection are now embedded in reports.

Custom Logos in Standard Report

You may now upload a custom logo to appear in the Spotter standard report.